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Installing stone or brick work is not easy, but it adds a lot of value to your home. Instead of only using stone and brick on the exterior of your house, bring these natural elements indoors. Keystone Masonry Construction, LLC can install stone or brick on any surface in your home.

We can resurface your chimney, create a retaining wall or create an accent wall. Add some eye-catching features to your home with our masonry services. Contact our team today to talk about your home in Battle Creek. MI.

What's cultured stone?

Cultured stone is an increasingly popular option in Battle Creek, MI. This stone is also known as manufactured stone. The stone itself is typically made from concrete and molded into different shapes. Once the shapes are created, the stones are stained to create a natural look.

If you want to install stone but can't find a color scheme that works well with your house, cultured stone is the way to go. You can create a stone color combination that will fit your style. Our team can install cultured stone in any area of your home.

Stone Work

Depend on our masonry contractor for your next home project.

stone work battle creek mi

Brick Work

Add character to your home in Battle Creek, MI

brick work battle creek mi

Chimney Repair

Our chimney repair work will bring your chimney back to life.

chimney repair battle creek mi

Chimney Replacement

Update your chimney with new brick or stone work.

chimney replacement battle creek mi

Masonry services to fit your needs

We offer a wide range of masonry services in Battle Creek, MI, including:

Stone work

Brick work

Chimney replacement

Chimney repair

A masonry contractor will supervise every project to make sure it goes smoothly.

Your house is in good hands with us. Call 269-317-0314 now to learn more about our masonry services.